Wisdom and Surprise

Instrumentation: contrabass and fixed media

Duration: 12′

Program note:

Wisdom and Surprise considers the ethereal qualities of the contrabass through the explorations of various timbral and pitch-frequency continua. The work is intuitively structured using rhythmic breath cycles in order to intone a certain inward meditative breadth of motion. Furthermore, certain spectral ideas, both harmonic and inharmonic, are hinted at in order to suspend the notion of internal contemplation. A general fluidity and intermingling of micro-intervals is perpetually established between the timbral and harmonic variances of the live bass and the processed sounds of the bass and the singing bowl on the tape. The piece was recently selected for honourable mention for the 2004 Bourges Residence in Electroacoustic Music.

performance by Jenny Labonté


SCORE (EXCERPT) – download full score below

score download/purchase

Wisdom and Surprise – Score

Full score with media and performance instructions


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