One More Moment

The terrible thing about waking up is realizing nothing will change today

Instrumentation: piano trio

Duration: 7′

Program note:

One More Moment was written as an implicit study in the potentialities of quiet music as an expressive medium for delicacy and urgency. The music exists as unassuming events – intuitively conceived and coexisting, equal in importance, neither driving towards nor fighting against the next event (although the piano does coerce a sort of dialogue with the strings by introducing certain interrupting, harmonic gestures). All devices of rhythm, timbre, and pitch are designed to convey an essentialness and simplicity of change.

One More Moment was selected for performance at the 2001 June in Buffalo Festival in Buffalo, New York.


SCORE (EXCERPT) – download full score below

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One More Moment – Score

Full score with parts and performance instructions


Please contact me for parts and more information.

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