Instrumentation: two players, open instrumentation

Duration: ca. 2′ – 12′

Program note:

Two is designed so that performers may interpret the score in various ways. Performers may decide before the realization which way(s) they will interpret the score. The score offers text fragments as well as opportunities for open improvisation ([interludes] and double [interludes]). Performers reading from the score should begin at the “Start” bar in the upper left-hand corner of the page and follow the arrows from and to text fragments and [interludes]. There are multiple places in the score where the performer has the option for choosing different “paths” until the arrows arrive at any place that has an “End” bar, so that there are multiple “pathways” and multiple places where the performance may end.


Performance by Philip Schuessler (piano) & Tim Stutts (electric bass)

SCORE – download score and performance notes below

score download/purchase

Two – Score

Full score with performance notes


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