Instrumentation: three players, open instrumentation

Duration: ca. 18′

Program note:

Three is written three players on three instruments. The instruments may be of any type and may or may not be pitch oriented. Duplicate or triplicate instruments may be used. All three performers should be, at the very least, moderately skilled at performing on all three of the instruments.

The formal design of the piece consists of a recurring cycle that is divided into three parts: freeform, rhythmic lock-in, and instrument rotation. Freeform sections consist of improvisatory dialogues among the three players. Lock-in sections allow the players to use rhythmic and pitch motives to establish moments of unity. Rotation sections allow players to transition instruments and begin a new cycle.


Performance by James Castelli, Christina Rinck, and Philip Schuessler, Miami, Florida

SCORE – download score and performance notes below

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Three – Score

Full score with performance instructions


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