animated graphic score collaboration with visual artist Cristina Molina

Instrumentation: five players, open instrumentation

Duration: 10′

Program note:

A two-movement collaboration with artist Cristina Molina, the work provides specific performance constraints in the context of group-based improvisation. In the first movement entitled Pinions, players are assigned a primary shape to use as a guide for performance. Performers choose one sound, one gesture, or one collection of gestures that corresponds to the shape to which they are assigned. Players then manipulate and vary that sound or gesture, depending on how the shape moves and changes over the course of the piece. For the second movement entitled Pierce, players are assigned colored, vertical lines that intersect white, scrolling graphic objects. These graphic objects are to be interpreted by the players as sounds, gestures, or sets of sounds and gestures. The colored, vertical lines move, change in length, height, and orientation in relation to each other

Quintet was jointly commissioned by Versipel New Music and the 2018 Southern Sonic Festival. It was premiered at the New Orleans Contemporary Arts Center on May 11th, 2018.



Performance: 5/11/18 – Versipel New Music Collective, New Orleans, LA

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