Instrumentation: amplified trombone (tenor or bass)

Duration: 10′

Program note:

Pendula for amplified trombone was commissioned by trombonist Benjamin Lanz was composed as a kind of “anti-music” that uses hushed, muted, wet, warbling fields of sound. Composed using 14 equal divisions of the octave, the work questions notions of pitch narrative and rhetoric. It is notated using color coded lines that indicate minute changes in timbre, pitch, and noise control. The work has been performed by trombonists Benjamin Lanz, William Lang, Weston Olencki, and Aaron Hynds.

performance by William Lang


Live at the Lilypad in Boston, 5/11/18


score download/purchase

Pendula – Score

Full color score with instructions


Please contact me for download instructions after purchase.

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