Omega Loops

Instrumentation: violin, guitar, and piano

Duration: 8’30”

Program note:

This instrumental combination led me to explore ideas about timbre, gesture, and the interaction thereof. I was intrigued by how these three very different instruments are related by the single mechanism of the string, yet at the same time, I wanted to explore how each instrument used that same mechanism to create its own unique and diverse timbral palette. Same and similar materials are looped together and repeated like the textures of a soft fabric carpet. Using Spear spectral analysis software, I utilize the spectrum of a cowbell as a source for pitch material for certain patterns. I am greatly indebted to Louella Alatiit, Bathsheba Marcus Conley, and Paul Cesarczyk for their dedication towards the realization of this piece.


Performance by Louella Alatiit, Bathsheba Marcus Conley, and Paul Cesarczyk

SCORE (EXCERPT) – download full score below

score download/purchase

Omega Loops – Score

Full score with parts and performance instructions


Please contact me for parts and more information.

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