Hymn for the Arc Harvester Ib


Instrumentation: three pianos

Duration: 5′

Program note:

This work is a three-piano version of Hymn for the Arc Harvester for open instrumentation. The work, like the original, uses unspecified pitch in its entirety. The music is notated on single-line staves. Performers may choose pitch content for these pitches while conforming to the general contour of the line, as indicated by placement of note heads relative to the horizontal line. The middle line should be considered the mid-range for the instrument. The work evokes a rigorous metrical vitality in which all instruments explore pitch freely within a steadfastly unison rhythmic space.

The title is a reference to an ancient, mythological creature who aided farmers in their annual harvest through its natural metamorphoses into various forms which brought about changes in weather patterns.

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Hymn for the Arc Harvester Ib – Score

Full score with instructions


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