Instrumentation: fixed media (stereo)

Duration: 12′

Program note:

Fairfax is a collage piece that interweaves and layers a series of dramatic narratives. Approximately 85 –90 percent of the sounds were derived from raw or manipulated vocal sources. The work is a study in the relaying of a story and how the devices of dramatic storytelling can become a story in and of themselves. Furthermore, the work explores the inherent musical qualities implied in the inflected human voice. A certain ambiguity to the loosely connected narratives invites a particularly unhinged disorientation for the listener and suggests a luminous, dreamlike culling of various emotive responses. There are monolithic devices employed throughout the work in order to reinforce a notion of unrelenting and inevitable confrontation. Such technical devices as minimal panning and quasi-identical spatial frameworks help to confirm these self-contained syntaxes. Oppressive still is the formal suggestion of the anti-climax. Methods of tension and release are paced towards the beginning of the work where processing of raw sources is replete in contrast to the stark, minimally processed latter sections of the work that are prevalent with a more exposed counterpoint of pure vocal sources. Certain sections of the work use harsh language.


Please contact me for more information on purchase of sound file.

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