Driftwood Box Puzzle

Instrumentation: alto saxophone, piano and fixed media

Duration: 14′

Program note:

Driftwood Box Puzzle mixes structured improvisatory musical figures with strictly notated sections to create contrasting textures juxtaposed with one another. The resulting form of such interactions may be analogous to a labyrinthine kind of musical game in which the instruments and electronics wind around each other in order to find a “way out.”

Intervals I is recorded by saxophonist Richard Schwartz and pianist Philip Schuessler on the Centaur release entitled Embers (CRC 3385), available on streaming services and as a compact disc.

performance by Richard Schwartz and Philip Schuessler


from Embers (Capstone 3385)

SCORE (EXCERPT) – download full score below

score download/purchase


Driftwood Box Puzzle – Score

Full score with media


Please contact me for parts and more information.

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