Crosshatch I

Instrumentation: one or two toy pianos

Duration: variable (1′ – 60′)

Program note:

Crosshatch I is written for performance by either a single player on one toy piano or two players on two toy pianos. There are no specifications as to the type(s) of toy piano instrument to be played. In either case, player(s) read from the same score, however, there are certain rules specific to the two performer scenarios.

This work can be played as a standalone work, or it may be inserted within (or overlaid on top of) other designated works. These designated works have specific indications as to when, how, and where the piece can be played in the context of that score.

As a graphically-notated piece, interpretation of the score is open to the performer(s), though there are some essential guidelines as to how to proceed.


Performance by Philip Schuessler – as part of Children of Light


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Crosshatch I – Score

Full score with instructions


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