Brain Gas [Duo: 06/19/17]

Instrumentation: two players, open instrumentation

Duration: ca. 15′

Program note:

The Brain Gas score-building project is an ongoing series of compositions in which pieces can be constructed using composer-provided tools placed in unique arrangements. Each Brain Gas piece is to be written for a set number of instruments and for a designated performance date (for which the subtitled is named (i.e. Duo: 06/19/17). The pieces can, of course, be performed subsequently after the initial date of premiere.

This score is designed to be constructed beforehand by the composer as a unique arrangement of pre-composed graphic, text, and conventional notations. In essence, one chooses from a set of compositional tools to create his or her own score, so that each arrangement is assigned as a new composition (or, as may be interpreted, a version/movement/subset/iteration) within a series. A template (“field”) is provided on which to place blocks (“cells”) of graphic notation. Colored areas are also provided in which to assign a set of motives (“inserts”) for players to play.

The score uses a mixture of graphic notation, text instructions, and conventional music notation. These elements are combined to create a version of the score that may be unique to a specific performance (and designated therein by the number of performers and date of that specific performance) or may be interpreted differently in different performances.

SCORE – download a full “score builder” below

Brain Gas [Duo: 06/09/17] was premiered on June 9th, 2017 by the Versipel New Music Collective in New Orleans, LA.

recording not available at this time

score download/purchase


Brain Gas (Duo) – Score

Full color score with performance instructions


brain gas score builder (Free)

Please contact me for more specific performance instructions and information.

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