Wool and Water

Instrumentation: soprano and trumpet

Duration: 13′

Program note:

Wool and Water was written for Andy Kozar and Corrine Byrne (Byrne:Kozar:Duo). It is the fourth installment in a cycle of chamber works built around Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass. In the Looking-Glass world of Carroll’s imagination, things are never what they seem. There is often a certain playfulness in Alice’s interactions with her environment, but there are always ominous undertones. The quirky, disorienting, and sometimes non-linear dialogue between Alice and the White Queen in this instant provides ample inspiration for musical explorations in tension, dysphoria, and childhood bewilderment. Both the voice and trumpet play both roles, or neither roles, at any given moment.

performance by Byrne:Kozar:Duo


performance: 3/14/19, Cafe Istanbul, New Orleans, LA

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Wool and Water – Score

Full score with instructions


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Score (excerpts)

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