Monochrome Variations III

Instrumentation: glissando flute

Duration: 5’30”

Program note:

The Monochrome Variations is a series of works for instruments that are modified or augmented in some capacity from their conventional format. Typically speaking, these works use a central pitch or set of pitches that expand microtonally and undergo a series of timbral shadings. This third work in the series, for glissando flute, exploits the microtonal capabilities of the Glissando Headjoint®. I have always been fond of works by composers such as Scelsi and Stockhausen that explore an inner life of a single tone or tones. My work similarly explores such “inner life” through delicate transformations of color within a single pitch.

SCORE – download score below


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Monochrome Variations III

Full score with performance notes


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