Interruptions II

Instrumentation: piano

Duration: 10′

Program note:

Written for the 2007 Oregon Bach Festival, this work conveys my continued interest in the act of composition without an initial intention of formal development. The individual blocks of material that I use may inform the intuitive compositional act – the manner in which I freely juxtapose them and reiterate them in differing contexts. And these new iterations may, thusly, inform the next compositional act. The material I choose to use is informed by vertical and resonant sonorities and a particular bias against rhythmic gesture. My hope is that each of these durations holds a sense of necessity, of urgency, within its own context – an urgency that demands a particular calibration of attention beyond what may be expected out of the form or scale of a ten-minute work.

performances by Philip Schuessler



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Interruptions II – Score

Full score with performance instructions


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