Instrumentation: four players, open instrumentation

Duration: ca. 15′

Program note:

This work is part of a series of works for open instrumentation using graphic symbols as a way for performers to compose improvised musical structures that range between small, pitch-based motives and more noise-based sound blocks. The players move through sections of the piece at their own rate such that spontaneous musical interactions occur and are variable from one performance to the next.

This particular work is an adaptation of another work entitled Five. For these works, there are four types of material: pitched, noise (or “glitch”), a pitch-noise hybrid (or “glitch-pitch”) and silence. Each of these materials is represented in the score by different sets of graphic symbols to be composed, interpreted openly, by the performers.


SCORE (EXCERPT) – full score available below

Performance: March 28, 2022 Southeastern Contemporary Ensemble, Hammond, LA

score download/purchase

FourEx – Score

Full score with instructions


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