Interruptions I Program Notes

Interruptions I may be interpreted as an iteration of a rule-based game of dialogue distribution that features the establishing of and subsequent dissolving of those rules. The rules of the game are not made to necessarily be explicit, however certain aspects of the game, by shear repetition and direction of the dialogue, may be expressed.

Rules Triggers: The work features six actors/actresses that utilize dialogue or actions that function as triggers for the next person to speak their dialogue or act accordingly. These triggers were used to write the script and move the dialogue from performer to performer. There are six triggers in all: two are direct fragments of dialogue, two in the form of question, and two in the form of action: 1. It is… – any sentence that contains “it is,” “they are,” or any variant thereof 2. I think… – any sentence that contains “I think,” “they think,” “he/she thinks” or any variant thereof 3. A question – any sentence that is in the form of a question 4. A response (as another question) – any response to a question that is in the form of another question 5. Action: a mistake – any direction that is or may be interpreted by any actor/actress as a mistake 6. Action: touch – any direction that entails one actor/actress coming into contact with another actor/actress.