“…still points ahead…” Program Notes

“…still points ahead…” is a single-movement work for orchestra with oboe and mandolin solo parts. The work should not be understood as a concerto or double concerto simply through having parts labeled as “solo parts.” Neither in form nor in content does this particular work possess the traditional qualities attributable to a concerto. The work is approximately seventeen to eighteen minutes in duration. This single movement was first conceived as sections that were composed during the same span of time and then pieced together using transitions. The logic existing behind the piecing together of these sections is based upon a pre-compositional narrative structure designed to control the pacing and vacillations of the musical events over time. Each section varies in the severity and frequency of this pacing and vacillation and uses a different structural element as its focus. In addition, each section is designed to create an overall shape in which the functions of the solo parts and the orchestra become steadily juxtaposed. The particular combination of these sections is architecturally intended to direct the listener to perpetual meditation of each musical moment. The overall design and progress of the piece is of less significance than giving attention to the immediacy of each event. At odds with this musical existence, however, is an underlying narrative struggle between the soloists and the orchestra. This struggle exists in the solo instruments as a linear idea that engages in a dialogue with harmonic ideas in the orchestral instruments.

Score Sample