drift – Society of Composers, Inc. Volume 34

[includes Hymn for the Arc Harvester performed by the Southeastern Louisiana University Contemporary Music Ensemble]

Brain on Fire – Hypercube

[includes Liminal Bridges for alto saxophone, electric guitar, piano, percussion]

The American Evolution: Piano Preludes – Kris Carlisle, piano

[includes Prelude for Piano]

Sn (Stannum): Experimental Electronic Music

[includes Bicyclette Etude Number 3]

Embers: Music for Saxophone with Piano and Electronics

[includes Intervals I for alto saxophone and piano, Interruptions III for alto saxophone and electronics, and Driftwood Box Puzzle for alto saxophone, piano, and electronic]

Vox Novus 60×60 (2003)

[includes Peptyde Hallucination]

The Lion Glyph LP

[a compilation of popular/folk-rock songs written between 2003 and 2007]

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