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Philip Schuessler is currently a full-time instructor at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana.  This coming fall semester, he teaches the following courses:

Music Theory I – Beginning study of the basic elements of music: Rhythmic, melodic, harmonic materials, chord inversions, and non-harmonic tones, with critical listening, sight-singing, and dictation using materials studied.

Form and Analysis I – Study of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century forms.  Analysis of style from Beethoven through the late Romantic era (Wagner, Brahms, Bruckner). Composition in the styles analyzed.

Counterpoint I – Survey of contrapuntal procedures from fifteenth to twentieth century with emphasis upon sixteenth century modal counterpoint.

Styles and Analysis I – Study of significant and representative works.  We will focus on the Schenkerian approach to tonal analysis and will employ various other methods when supportive or complimentary.

Graduate Theory Review – Survey of advanced theory topics, counterpoint, and form.

Composition – independent and group study in music composition


He also advises theory students on thesis topics and offers individual lessons and mentoring in composition

Additional Courses include:

Music Theory II – part 2 of the four-semester theory sequence, focuses on primary and applied dominants, modulations, and score analysis

Form and Analysis II – form, techniques, and methods of twentieth century music

Counterpoint II – a study of 18th century contrapuntal techniques

Styles and Analysis II – graduate seminar in twentieth century music

Introduction to Music – introduction to music elements and history for non-music majors

Independent Study in Computer Music – introduction to computer music concepts and applications with an emphasis on Max/MSP software