Summer News

Happy summer!

This summer, I have had the pleasure of working with Richard Schwartz, both as composer and performer, on a new recording project that is being set for release later this year on the Centaur Label. The project is a collection of chamber works for alto saxophone along with piano and computer generated sound in various combinations by composers Kari Besharse (my lovely wife!), Stephen Suber, Ray Pizzi, and myself. Recording engineer Bill Kelley and I are currently working on editing the recordings. It has been an incredible experience; I’ve been learning a great deal about the recording process along the way.I think that one will find this album to be a very refreshing mix of works by composers of diverse voice and direction, and I very much look forward to the release!

In other news, I’m pleased to announce that the score for my work Still Life With Wave for flute and alto saxophone has been published by Potenza Music. Potenza has shown great support for my music, and I am grateful for their publishing of it. The work was written for the Duo Fujin 2012 Weekend Composition Competition, and it continues my fascination with tightly-wound rhythmic structures that interlock and collapse in various ways.

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